K-Drama Makes Theatrical Debut @KDrama513

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | June 26, 2023

K-Drama "Between Mercy and Me"

K-Drama makes his film debut, premiering nationwide in theaters.

Billboard charting rap artist, and Grammy-Nominated producer, K-Drama, has recorded two songs for the original motion picture, Between Mercy and Me.

The feature film was released in select theaters nationwide on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, for one night only.

Between Mercy and Me is an original music drama penned to encourage honest and raw conversations on race, racial divisions, stereotypes, and faith, especially within the evangelical church. It made its debut in theaters across the country including AMC Theaters, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas, among several others.

K-Drama Contributes to Soundtrack

“Blue Skies & Moonlight”, the second single promoting the film, is now available to stream on all music platforms.

It’s an emotional piece setting the tone for the main character, Hugo, encapsulating the struggles he endures on a daily basis.

The soundtrack has already scored several awards and film festival nods. It received “Best Musical Score” at the International Christian Film and Music Festival, sponsored by Pure Flix. The movie has also received great reviews so far from various publications.

About Between Mercy and Me

Two Musicians. One City. Two Vastly Different Experiences. One Never-Changing God.

Between Mercy and Me is a musical journey into the hearts of unexpected friends Hugo and Mercy. The two struggle to find a connection and hope for their hurting community…and themselves.

As his community begins to shudder under the impact of gentrification and tragedy, Hugho sinks into the emotional circumstances of the world around him. His paster challenges him to produce new music. Something that is a bit more inspirational. The hope is to uplift their congregation.

Facing writer’s block, Hugo visits the new neighborhood coffee shop where he meets Mercy. A jubilant and extroverted musician, Mercy offers to join Hugo in his songwriting efforts.

As their relationship grows, they are surprised by the reactions from their communities, friends, and their own families. Determined to not let hard conversations or tension keep them from being together, they set out to create space for honesty and unification. The duo challenge biases, both seen and unseen, that are often unspoken. Their relationship is rocked by a routine traffic stop that causes them to come face to face with their own internal narratives and beliefs. Will they choose to wear vulnerability with one another? Or, move apart with hard hearts affirming the very biases that they worked so hard to obliterate?

Writer and Cast

Between Mercy and Me is from the multi-talented film producer, writer, and director, Craig Lamar Brown. As the founder of Brown Brown Films, Craig is dedicated to creating inspirational and artistically captivating stories. He is making his directorial debut.

David Driskill and Andrea Summer play the lead roles of Hugo and Mercy. Driskill is a singer-songwriter, producer, director, and the founder/CEO of DRSKL Productions LLC. As Hugo, he is making his first appearance in a feature-length project. Summer is not only a songwriter, music producer, and actress, but she also helped co-write the film. She co-produced the award-winning soundtrack.

For more information about Between Mercy and Me, visit www.betweenmercyandme.com.

Check out the trailer below!

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