Jay Bizzze | “Go Get It (Freestyle)” @jaybizzze

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | May 6, 2023

Jay Bizzze "Go Get It (Freestyle)"

Jay Bizzze has your Monday motivational song right here!

After performing at Morehouse College for over 5,000 college students, Jay Bizzze is feeling more motivated than ever. Written, recorded, and mastered within just two days, GO GET IT (Freestyle), in its creation, exudes the hard work and dedication that Christian Rapper Jay Bizzze preaches about within its 2-minute runtime.

Jay’s message on GO GET IT (Freestyle) is clear, whatever you do in life, work hard at it, doing it as unto the Lord and not for man. When we look at our work as a service to the Lord, it should motivate us to give it our all. Unlike earthly bosses that we may serve for a short time, that may or may not reward us justly for our work, God is eternal, and He will reward our hard work with an everlasting reward if we remain faithful.

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