Jarred Allstar | ‘The Gift and The Calling 3’ @jarredallstar

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 29, 2022

Jarred Allstar, 'The Gift and The Calling 3'

Christian Hip Hop Artist and Wordsmith Jarred AllStar presents The Gift and the Calling 3!

The finale to the previously released The Gift and the Calling Series, beginning in 2020. With each project being released a year apart, the most refreshing takeaway is the progression. Though there can be a struggle in balancing one’s gift and their calling, AllStar has discovered that the gift must work for the calling. While his lyricism catches the hearts and ears of hip-hop lovers, it is his faith that shines through the brightest. The Gift and the Calling 3 is an example of Jarred AllStar’s gift making room for him by giving all glory to God for being God alone. Not just for his personal talents! Enjoy the finale of the series The Gift and The Calling 3.

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