I Don’t Care If You Are a Christian Rapper or a Rapper Who is Christian

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | August 6, 2018

The age-old debate is played out.

We are also missing the point.
It is not about what type of rapper you are. It is not about our theologies, denominations, or personal enlightenment.
It is not about the artist, the promoter, the support system, or the fan. It is about a culture, a belief, and a charge that we have been given. It is about a Body. It is about the Church. Not a building, but the bride of Christ. It all comes down to one vital, too often overlooked term.
This is not the whole, but it is a portion of the inspiration that has led to FiveTwenty Collective.
The community is made up of a variety of individuals. Regardless of if you are creating art or supporting those who are, we all have a ministry that is intended to be a driving force for what we do. It is directly tied to our identification as Christ followers.

My use of the term ministry is being defined as our journey to share the Gospel, glorify God, and make disciples.
What does your ministry say about the God that you represent? Don’t get it wrong. No matter what you are doing your actions, words, and content always impacts your ministry. As unfortunate as that may seem on the surface, that is the black and white of it. If that is not what you signed up for then perhaps some reflection is needed.
Remember that the road less traveled is not an easy one.
I am also talking to myself with these words, probably even more so than to anyone else in the culture.
I am not trying to call anyone out. What I am doing is putting out a challenge to all of us. We need to represent Him well. As the Biblical verse that helped to inspire this collective says we need to “Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this Life.”

This life…let that sink in.

We are speaking the words of this life. It is the words of Christian hip-hop; the words of a perfect Savior; the words of hope and healing for a broken people.

It is the life of a redemption that none of us deserve.
I can feel the weight as I type and believe me, that was not how I saw this going when I sat down at my computer. But then again, it is that serious. This culture is fun and has the capability of bringing great joy. It also has given all of us a platform to make disciples, to point others to the ultimate truth that we have all experienced in one form or another.
Are we about our ministry? Or are we about building our brand?
No matter how you prefer to identify yourself or the way you carry yourself both in public and in private, only one of those actually matters. Let us hold each other accountable and be open to that accountability (which I feel is a part of the current problem as well).
Allow me a small window to weigh in on a current trend that ties into this topic. I know this is a hot button topic per say, but I want to attempt to present a different train of thought. I am getting at the use of swearing/cussing within CHH.
I’ll concede that at the base level, words are words. One thing we know is that words have power.
The use of certain words carries a particular connotation. People make specific associations with their usage. This culture needs to, at the very least, be aware of that. Right or wrong, it is how it is. I’m not going to attempt to determine if someone is right or wrong when it comes to this discussion, it is something that is personal and each of us needs to come to a decision on it.
I am not going to tell you that I never cuss. This is what I will tell you though. It is not a part of my normal character.
I don’t see swearing as a part of the character or the heart of Christ either.

The mind-blowing thing is that He wants to make our hearts exactly like His!

When I cuss it is tied directly to anger. Anger is something that I have struggled with for a very long time. It has slowly been getting better, but it is still a difficulty for me. We get attacked with our struggles and I tell you this so that you can help hold ME accountable.
If my use of swear words is tied to my anger, and my anger is a heart condition that lies in conflict with the heart that Christ wants to give me, then my rational mind tells me that swearing is something that can certainly hurt my ministry.
Instead of dragging this out let me ask one last question to you and myself, “if it can hurt our ministry, is it worth it?”
Let us use our talents, let us create, but let us be about the work of ministry.
Please jump into the conversation in the comment section. Welcome to the collective #LetsDoThis  
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