Holy Culture Now On SiriusXM @HolyCulture

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | April 23, 2022

SiriusXM announced the launch of Holy Culture Radio. A new spiritually-inspired talk and music channel.

Holy Culture Radio is the home for everything Christian Hip-Hop and Rhythm & Praise.

Programming will focus on themes of Faith, Art, Vocation, and Education. The channel is unifying three foundational things listeners are looking for: connection to popular culture, connection to their faith, and success in their careers.

The station hosts range of shows, including:

  • The Christ Revolution Music hosted by Bryant Tabb – focus on Christian Hip-Hop and features interviews with artists, producers, and DJs.
  • Old School Sounds hosted by DJ D-Lite – takes listeners back to the genre’s beginnings.
  • Straight Ministry Heat Mix hosted DJ I Rock Jesus – introducing people to The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Underground Gospel Hip-Hop Show hosted by Jay Williams – helping to launch indie faith-based artists. This show personifies the notion of having a great time while inspiring listeners with meaningful messages.
  • The DJ Wade-O Radio Show – returning to the radio world, DJ Wade-O is best known for his spinning skills and insightful interviews with artists, pastors, and leaders within the Christian Hip-Hop community.

Music mix shows will help provide the soundtrack for various times in listeners’ days. Includes music specially curated for those moments.

 The Get-Up Morning Mix features songs and messages to inspire and start mornings off right. Sunday Morning Mix is designed to help get praise and worship started. Prime MT Mix has a wide variety of music combined with empowering conversations, curated and presented by James Rosseau and other tastemakers.

Talk shows will include:

  • K.I.N.G. Talks – open discussions on life with the intent of creating an environment of effective communication and an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.
  • Da Fixx Radio Show – features real talk topics referencing everything from theological dialogue to trending topics.
  • Church on the Block – Pastor Phil Jackson engages in all-encompassing discussions and theological breakdowns of hip-hop and street culture as well as how the church can deliver hope.

Holy Culture Radio is owned and operated by The Corelink Solution, a non-profit organization. Their mission statement is to deliver a curriculum designed to help people develop their passion and purpose, create an informed plan, use tools to help them succeed and establish accountability and ownership.

“I am beyond excited about this union between Holy Culture and SiriusXM,” said James Rosseau, founder of The Corelink Solution and on-air personality on Holy Culture Radio. “Introducing the platform’s first Christian Hip-Hop channel with music and talk allows us to extend our ‘head and heart’. [Our] community revitalization mission, through systems of learning and cultural enrichment, focusing on African-Americans. Having struggled to gain self-confidence in my youth, I understand the need for culturally relevant support systems. As we launch this new channel, we are expanding our programming with a host of shows that deliver a life-changing experience through progressive music and empowering conversations.”

Holy Culture Radio is available to listeners nationwide on the SXM App and on select SiriusXM radios (Channel 154).

SiriusXM carries Holy Culture Radio as part of its Qualified Entity program. This program focuses on selecting programming representing diverse viewpoints and/or diverse entertainment content; improved service to historically underserved audiences; original content of a type not otherwise available to SiriusXM subscribers; and access to new sources of content and new entrants to mass media.

Tune in to all things Holy Culture: https://linktr.ee/holyculture

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