Hnst Talk: Xavier Sorrow

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | March 23, 2019

Xavier Sorrow has jumped on to my radar in a big way in 2019

I may have been a bit late to the party, but when I heard his newest song “Serenity”, I knew this was an artist I wanted to connect with.

The sound is something different, which is what drew me in (that and the amazing promo video that announced the single). The first thing I wanted to know was, who is this guy and what makes his sound so unique?

“I’m just a 22-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona. I love God. I am a creative and I get to make music for a living.”

“I have a huge love for alternative and pop, so I think when it comes to my artistry, there are elements of that all in there. I would say my sound is the SoundCloud feeling of trying to be different, mixed with the quality of a mainstream record.”

“I think the reason my sound is different is because of Kanye with his album ‘Graduation’, [as well as] ‘808’s and Heartbreaks’ – when I first fell in love with hip hop. It was the autotune melody over beats that were crazy. I pull from big artists I love such as Jon Bellion, Drake, Blink 182, Juice Wrld, and Xxxtentacion – to name a few.”

“My sound is always evolving and I’m not crazy huge yet. I think I have something different to offer CHH and I’m confident this year, musically, I’ll be [able to] open ears by the records I’m dropping all 2019.”

Every artist has their influences the same way that every artist has their start.

“I started writing back when I was a kid. It started with poems and then slowly became song lyrics. It wasn’t until my tio showed me a mixtape of Da T.R.U.T.H. that I realized that Christian hip hop was even a thing.”

“From there I just continued making raps and, before I knew it, I was passing out mixtapes in high school to get my name out. I think that’s really how I got started in music.”

What I found out was that Sorrow’s need for creativity goes beyond creating music.

“I have a company call 83NORTH designated to all my creative passions from photography, videography, graphic design, and other creative things.”

“I grew up on Disney, so I think it’s always been a passion of mine to create art that’s simple enough for the kids to be immersed in – but detailed in a way that everyone could appreciate the depth…I’m also pretty decent at Smash Bros.”

2019 looks to be a year for Sorrow to network and grow his circle. Combining his sound with some of the best talent in CHH would certainly make for must-listen music.

“For me, it’s just trying to connect and do more features and collab singles. I’m working on a special project for the summer as well.”

“All I can say is, I have been in the studio with another artist from Arizona, who is mad talented, working on a collaboration project. She’s sure to be the next big thing.”

“Mogli the Iceberg, Joey Vantes, Da T.R.U.T.H., and Hillary Jane would be dope to do stuff with! My dream collab would be with Jon Bellion…even just being in the studio with that guy would be incredible.”

For a while now, Atlanta has been the place to be for CHH. With the emergence of new pockets in places such as Nashville, North Carolina, and Arizona, we are seeing the culture expanding nationwide. Sorrow is one of many talented artists who are letting listeners know not to sleep on Zona.

“I think my goal right now is to focus on my team and connecting with people out here so that one day I can really be influential in helping AZ be the place you think of when you hear about labels and tribes who are really moving in the industry.”

“It’s growing as far as artists who are really up next! I think Arizona is still figuring its place and sound in CHH as of lately, but shout out to guys like Joey Vantes and Davis Absolute who really worked hard making things pop here.”

Even with being fairly new to CHH, there are several important lessons that Sorrow has already been able to learn. He sees the impact that the culture can have, but it starts with us.

“The only thing that can change our hearts, and the heart of a community, is the heart of God. We can be so focused on streams and followers, we forget what makes CHH so special is that we were built on real people who really loved God being supported and supporting others who share the same faith to speak, allow God to move, change lives, and open ears. If we could focus more on that we would be set.”

“I know God was with me in my darkest days and got me through it. So I just want to share the message of God’s love for us even in life’s worst circumstances.”

“I think at the end of the day, CHH can improve on individual relationships with God.”


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