Hnst Talk: Kay Sade – Part Two

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | June 25, 2019

In Part Two of our conversation with Kay Sade, she talks about what’s up next for her and how she views CHH.

If you missed Part One, make sure you get caught up by clicking here.

With ‘Meta’ out and doing well, you always have to be aware of what is up next. The bar is set high for Sade. What can we be expecting?

“What’s on the horizon for me as an artist?”

“I’ve received lots of comments from people saying that they wish someone would sign me…but record deals aren’t the end goal for every artist. I might sign if presented that opportunity and offered an amazing deal (like really amazing), or I might open up shop myself.”

“One of my regular prayers is that God continues to guide my steps and reveal His plan for me.”

“I’m a futuristic thinker so I’m always planning and imagining what could be that isn’t yet. I think something big is on the way, but it might not be in a form that others expect.”

It is understandable the thinking behind the people Sade referenced. We have seen labels such as Reach Records, RMG, and God Over Money all add women to their artist rosters over the last few months. Sade certainly has the skill to hang with any of them.

“My take is that there are lots of talented female artists in CHH who could and should be receiving artist development and creative support. I’m happy that it’s beginning now on a larger scale. I would hope that it isn’t just because of the climate of the secular industry with female hip hop artists coming back into the spotlight.”

“I’m not sure that I can say where I see things going.”

“I’ll probably just sit back and observe as a fan and do my part as a female artist. My hope for the future would be that we can stop mentioning our sex before our occupation as rappers and artists. I don’t call a math teacher a female math teacher and I don’t call my herbalist a female herbalist. I’m sure this could be argued against, and I’m not feminist in any form, but my hope would be that our art surpasses the need to do that stuff.”

“If I had a fear about this, it would be of an NBA vs. WNBA mentality in CHH and rap in general. I don’t want or like that…

…We’re just here to ball.”

While we are seeing this current shift in the culture, one question that always seems prominent is this. What is the condition of CHH?

“I either hear CHH is dying or CHH is full of new talent and potential.”

“I think the talent is in a great place. I think we could stretch a lot more as far as originality with  our sound as artists.”

“I think the infrastructure needs improvement.”

“I’d say the artists need to work together more beyond hooks and features. Become creative friends. That is being done in some instances. Most of all, I think we need to stay centered on Christ and the holiness and purity that God calls us to. Otherwise, the sounds might uplift to an extent, but the message won’t be as powerful.”

So, who is Kay rocking with currently in CHH?

“It might be surprising, but I’m not extremely tuned in when it comes to listening to CHH these days. My favorites are the Culture Villains and Thomas Iannucci. I listened to a lot  (a LOT) of Andy Mineo, Bizzle, and Buck Barnabas when I was introduced to the genre. Those guys were, and are still, some of my favorites.”

“I guess I listen to so many genres of music that I don’t often focus on one genre long enough to develop favorites anymore.”

Make sure that you support Kay Sade as she is one of the most original voices currently in our space. I know that FiveTwenty will be supporting her how we can.

If you haven’t listened to her newest project ‘Meta’, you can check it out below:


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