Flood Gates: The Overflow LP by Pacaso Ramirez [Christian Rap – Free Download]

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | October 12, 2013

Official Track Listing

1. Let It Rain feat. Eturniti
2. As The Years Go By feat. Chris Ryder
3. CopyCat Society
4. Kingdom Focused Life feat. Eturniti
5. Inadaquate feat. Rapture Raps
6. Grow
7. Through the Hard Times
8. Not A Dance
9. The Whole Truth
10. Exuberant
11. Life Like This feat. Preston Perry
12. Good News Feat. Eturniti & Crown Movement
13. More feat. Eturniti
14. A Little Mountain feat. Eturniti
15. Who Is My Brother? feat. I.P.U.(Intensive Praise Unit)
16. The Christ feat. YP
17. Bonus Track: Open Season (Autumn Leaves Instrumental)


AllRounda Productions produced Let It Rain, Exuberant, Not A Dance & More
VTZ produced CopyCat Society, Life Like This, As The Years Go By, Inadaquate, Through the Hard Times, Grow
Bobby Ruckuss produced The Christ, A Little Mountain, Good News
Christ For Life Beats produced Who is My Brother?
Hassan Ansari produced Kingdom Focused Life
Jab Beats and Fuego Beats produced The Whole Truth

All Tracks Mixed & Mastered by Rapture Raps

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Kari Devyn

Please checkout this video from my friend and music producer. Thanks.

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