FiveTwenty Day 2023, ‘The Soul Tape: Session One’

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | May 20, 2023

FiveTwenty Day 2023

Happy FiveTwenty Day 2023!

Over the last five years, May 20th has officially become “FiveTwenty Day” (5.20)

We try to do something special for each FiveTwenty Day and this year we feel like we have our best offering for YOU yet. FiveTwenty Collective is happy to give you…

FiveTwenty Day release, "The Soul Tape: Session One"

The Soul Tape, Session One: A Tribute to Deespace5 ‘Deepspace 5oul’

This 5-song release is the first of multiple upcoming mini-projects paying homage to one of our favorite groups, the groundbreaking Deepspace5! For Session One, the FiveTwenty Squad went all cypher-ry and also enlisted the help of our friends Eternity, iNTELLECT, YP aka Young Paul, and Dex the Nerd Who Loves Jesus to take you back to the 2000s and classic boom bap hip hop. DS5 member Sivion even blessed us with a cameo. We hope you enjoy it! Take a listen below…

FiveTwenty Day Free Music!

In 2008, Beat Rabbi and hip-hop supergroup Deepspace5 released Deepspace 5oul, an album paying homage to classic 90s hip-hip.

15 years later, we are is celebrating with a tribute of their own in the form of The Soul Tap: Session One!

Be on the lookout for future installments of The Soul Tape Sessions.

Special thanks to the whole Deepspace5 crew and to all of the artists who contributed verses for this tribute!

Listen to Deepspace 5oul here

All songs produced by Beat Rabbi

Engineering by iNTELLECT, Holly Boogz, Eric N. Boston

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