Erica Mason | “Drip On the Devil”

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 22, 2018

Erica Mason is often described in 2 words: PRETTY N RADICAL. It simply means to: “Love yourself.” This movement has opened the door for Erica to connect with other musical influencers as she opened for international recording artists Tink, Andy Mineo and Dee-1, while working with Grammy award winning producers Spec, J.R., and Khao. Erica’s passion is to empower young women to find who they are and help them reach their fullest potential. As a young woman who grew up in Gainesville, FL; Erica understands all too well how to overcome life’s adversity while refusing to allow her circumstances to dictate who she is. Erica Mason comes from a family with a history of drug abuse and addictions; she has had to overcome the hurdles of being taken advantage of sexually while fighting depression and suicide. If it weren’t for the mentors, teachers and adviser’s in her life, Erica would not be the woman she is today. Despite the adversity, Erica was able to graduate as the first black valedictorian of her high school in which she received a full ride scholarship to the University of Florida. Throughout her college career, Erica decided to follow her dreams with full force, and she pursued a career in music and motivational speaking. Four years later, Erica Mason is now an international recording artist who charted Top 30 on iTunes as she travels the world speaking at national youth and women s conferences and empowering other young women to embrace who they are and to love themselves. Erica has been identified as Rapzilla’s Freshman 15 and has been nominated for the Kingdom Choice Awards and Gospel Choice awards. Erica has a heart to inspire other young girls like herself to push pass the odds and strive to achieve the greatness locked inside of them!

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