Cultural Relevance Part 1

By Pacaso Ramirez @PacasoRamirez | November 19, 2014

This topic guys, is a topic, that just seems to keep on coming up. To me it seems like it’s a cop out, from actually walking in the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that we as Christians claim to stand for.


To tell you the truth, I dont really know the answer to this question. I know what my answer to this question is, and it’s absolutely not. Not in any way, can God be glorified, if our aim is to please the world, or fit in with the world.

I know you probally ask yourself, what is this thing called “Cultural Relevance”? Well for real, it’s a people, who say that we must do “this, or that”, in order to live in accordance to the times. Was Jesus Culturally Relevant? The answer is no. Yeah, Jesus said, “I didn’t come to do away with the law, but to fullfill the law.” So Jesus did keep the law, because the law given by God, is good, but the laws created by man, to create barriers and boundaries, to force themselves to keep the law is corrupt. So Jesus kept the law, but He didn’t keep the “laws” of man. So to be culturally relevant, I think we really have to flow with the sway of the water. Being a push over in our own heart, rather than being persuaded by the gospel. Remember Brothers and Sisters, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” I’d really like to shed some light on this subject, because Christians and non-christians alike need to be set free, from the bondage of satan. People are enslaved because of thier ignorance. Not calling people ignorant, but people are operating in an ignorance, meaning they’re in a state of the unknown, so we just go with the flow. It’s truely dangerous people.

God is not calling us to be “Culturally Relevant” or “Politically Correct” for the sake of pleasing the masses. God is no respector of persons, He is a just God, and truely, we can become victims of those things that we are an advocate for, all because it’s in total oppostion of the word, and divine nature of a just and mighty God. Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price, so why should we waste time trying to be man pleasers rather than God pleasers. I want to say to those that are bent on this, to get with the program, and recognize that if we’re being tolerant to the world, by trying to fit in, we are in fact, endorsing the very sin, that we say that we stand against. I must warn you fellow Christians, to examine yourself, to make sure you are of the faith, study to show yourself approved, and to be free in the liberties that Christ has set us free by, and do not be entangled no more in a yoke of bondage.

To try to live a life that is culturally relevant, you are inhibiting the power of the Holy Spirit, to be a constant in your life, and you are weakening yourself, by denying the power of God, by accepting another gospel.

Any Questions or Comments, Get at Me:

I will most likely continue this thought, as God continues to work in me, and gives me revelation.

To God Be the Glory…(Pacaso of NBBA)

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