Crazy Christian Culture

Crazy Christian Culture

Crazy Christian Culture Stories of October 2023
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Crazy Christian Culture Stories of October 2023

Kat Von D became a Christian


Kat Von D posts video of baptism 1 ...
year after renouncing witchcraft and the occult

Speaker Mike Johnson is a Christofacist?
Republicans elect Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House (a very outspoken Christian) and online descentors are furious kin_bad/status/1717547871434596853?t=Mt9qutZYUkjiKiUL9DdVYg&s=19

CHH is Woke -

Priest makes little kids cry

Insert some sort of joke containing the words "smashing pumpkins" here.
Also use the seal for Madagascar who doesn't understand the joke.

A school district in New Jersey pulls Halloween off the table as an option for celebration, citing cultural and religious sensibilities

Mike Bickle accused of Sexual misconduct and abuse

Dee-1 on Sway Universe

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