Club His Hop Returning in 2023! @MRHISHOP

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 31, 2022

His Hop Nation founder Mr. HisHop interview

His Hop Nation has been a staple in the Christian rap scene for the past decade.

Bringing Christ to Sin City, Club His Hop has hosted countless faith-based artists in the heart of Las Vegas. A stretch that includes a show every month for seven years.

The purpose is simple:

“We outreach to the underserved, underprivileged, at-risk youth & young adults with the purpose of stabilizing our community.”

Heading into 2023, some things look different than when it all first started.

Recently Mr. HisHop joined Eric N. Boston and guest co-host Rob Redeemed (Not The Same Podcast) for a live stream discussion centered around where the brand is headed in the new year.

What started almost by accident has grown into a firmly established platform. After a decade of hard work, things are not slowing down as Club His Hop prepares to relaunch after a 3-year hiatus. For independent artists, this relaunch is a huge opportunity. His Hop Nation is currently booking 6 months in advance to host artists who want the chance to perform in one of the country’s premiere live entertainment cities. It goes beyond simply a venue, however.

His Hop Nation has transformed into a non-profit organization. A part of that process includes a program called On Tour.

On Tour operates with the support of its donors. Those funds help artists with some of the additional costs associated with performing live. From traveling to lodging and much more, these grants are in place to help artists see their purpose fulfilled for the glory of God.

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