CJ Luckey Releases New Video “Pen It Down” @CJLuckeyDope

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | October 29, 2020

Mental health in ministry is an area that is overlooked.

In the video for his song “Pen It Down”, from his latest project ‘Don’t Worry I Haven’t Forgot About You’, CJ Luckey tackles the often-ignored reality for church leaders.

Luckey, a Youth Pastor and Christian Hip Hop artist, understands that sometimes pastors do not say anything because they don’t want to appear inadequate.

What I mean by this is, they don’t want people to see their issue and then lose confidence that they can be of help.

Humans, spiritual leaders included, hurt ourselves by not reaching out for help, especially when we know we need it. Maybe we feel guilty because we are not “spiritual enough”. We can’t ignore this! It’s easy to say “I would never struggle with this” without realizing how much people actually do.

Pastors are not exempt from mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Anyone, in any walk of life, can feel lost and alone – fighting mental illness because of the stigma associated with it. These, along with burnout, are real issues for pastors who are attempting to minister to a complex world.

What can we do to help? Support those that we expect to support us!

Check out the video for Pen It Down below. Support CJ Luckey and your local pastors!

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