CHHcago Presents “GOD DID” Cypher

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | April 22, 2023

CHHcago "GOD DID" cypher

CHHcago joins forces to drop the GOD DID cypher

Bodies; Numbers; Many. These terms get used to equate, and describe, how Unity looks. A more accurate description? ONE.

Unity isn’t just in numbers or in masses, but in movement. Moving like parts of the body, working together, so one singular action is taken. One common goal is obtained. Unity in the common goal of advancing the Kingdom of GOD. It is what brings CHHcago to the forefront.

What is CHHcago?

Consisting of friends, colleagues, and co-collaborators who have known each other for years, the group is putting on for God and the Chi. The city’s finest has enlisted and are pushing their first public offering, the GOD DID cypher.

Members include Cell Blok and Thre who spearhead the list of longtime contributors to the CHH space.

Aasha Marie, TheArkutec, BRM, Hector Dominguez, Kenneth Townsel, King David tha Vessel, Regula, and St. Dru all put their own stamp on this famously recycled track. The cypher is filled with dynamic punchlines and sound doctrinal content. Representing God well, and refusing to be outdone, CHHcago is blazing a trail of revival and redemption for their city and surrounding areas.

Check out the official visual for the GOD DID cypher below.

What do you think? Drop us a comment and show your support of CHHcago!

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