Cephas Launches GO! Records @CephasMusic

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | June 27, 2023

Cephas GO! Records

Artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vinyl collector Cephas launches his own record label imprint.

GO! Records is set to fill in the “gaps” in Christian music.

“Christian music has come a long way. However, currently, music heads who are more into underground genres have nowhere to turn. I plan on changing that.”

For fans of genres such as indie funk, soul, modern jazz, psychedelic rock, golden era hip-hop, drum-n-bass, and dub reggae, GO! Records is ready to be your next go-to.

Cephas Seeks to Continue Rich Heritage

The launching of GO! follows in the footsteps of record labels like Tooth & Nail, Lamp Mode, and Humble Beast. These labels previously held down underground Christian music fans.

“If you didn’t dig DC Talk or Newsboys in the ’90s and 2000s, you had other options,” explains Cephas. “I want GO! Records to be the other option for the Christian music fans of today who aren’t into the mainstream.”

Keeping lockstep with his faith, the record label will serve as a counterbalance to many of today’s prevailing ideas within indie culture.

“It’s sad, but the Gospel doesn’t carry much space in the underground indie music scene. It’s been embraced in the mainstream through athletes and pop musicians, but unfortunately, Satan dominates the underground. Yet another reason something like GO! Records is needed.”

So It Begins

The label’s first release is appropriately titled The Resistance and has been announced as Cephas’ last album as a Christian hip-hop artist.

“The Christian part isn’t changing, just hip-hop,” he says. “After this album, my sound will be more eclectic. Hip-hop will always be the backbone, but styles like funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and drum-n-bass will be more present.”

In the meantime, fans can look forward to The Resistance LP dropping on August 25th.

The album features several CHH notables including Social Club Misfists, Taelor Gray, Japhia Life, Datin, Will Cata, Alcott, C4 Crotona, Q-Flo, and YP aka Young Paul, to name a few. It also comes with artwork from legendary comic illustrator Alejandro Torrecilla and will be released via DSPs as well as limited vinyl and cassette tape runs.

Stay Connected

To keep up with all that is happening with Cephas and GO! Records: Website | Online Store | Apple Music | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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