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No One is a look into the love of God. Addressing the fact that we as people can turn to a lot of other things looking to achieve love. The moment we realize and embrace that the love of God is all that is needed, that will deepen our relationship with God and each other. The word states that faith COMES by hearing. It also states faith WORKS by love. Embracing his love helps every other aspect of our walk with Him. This record uses an infectious beat along with a very catchy hook and several clever punchlines to pull you in on this ride.

Shake Em Off was birthed after many years of David E. Johnson, Jr. being influenced by the go-go music sounds of Washington, D.C.

Johnson went to undergraduate and graduate school at Howard University in Washington, D.C. and go-go was all around him. Moving from D.C. to Atlanta, GA, Johnson was introduced to Makeba Woods. When working with her in the studio, he mentioned to Ms. Woods that he wanted to do a go-go song. Shake Em Off was born. For the Extended Version, 1K Phew of REACH RECORDS agreed to be on the track, sharing how much he loved the song after first listen.

Ornaments are what make Christmas trees unique. Tasan’s first Christmas album, Ornaments, explores the other side of Christmas for some.

The feelings of mourning, solace, and healing. Songs like “Tetris” and “Snowden” speak to feelings ranging from confusion to being lonely during the holiday season. Never afraid to address the complexity of relationships in song, Tasan talks about expectations and commitment in songs such as “Tonight” and “Keys”. Ornaments are a display of the pieces of truth, pain, and love which make up our own tree of our lives.

Features: BEAM, Sabri, asante

Relationships can be complicated, even more so during the holidays. For some, relationships with family and loved ones can be more complicated than the cheerfulness of the holiday season would like you to believe. On Tonight, Tasan addresses expectations from a significant other during Christmas.

Features: Beam

Thus far it’s Ebenezer

Away is a song that was born out of Victor’s desire to know more about God. It is made in the Afro Gospel genre. Victor produced an amazing song with a blend of soul-soothing lyrics and an Afrobeat that’s hard to resist.


Heavenly Love showcases the love that Jesus brought to the Earth and how it shook up the system. It is a call to arms for Christians to love different.

“On ice, if you asking where my feelings at, I’m thinking Christ because he truly bought my feelings back.”

As the year comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on how good God is, even when things around us don’t make it feel like He cares.

Despite the events this year has brought…we are still alive to see another day. This new song is an expression of my love for Him.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”