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Christian hip hop’s newest collective The Listening Session (TLS) releases their latest single FEARLESS!

FEARLESS features the Vanguard duo Trutha & Mic Wise showcasing their musical chemistry on this gritty beat produced by Cyrus Sonata.

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Glow Up Arc, by Chris TyK, is a nerdcore and CHH fusion. If you consume any show or movie series you likely know this term. If not, it’s simply the path a story follows.

In anime the main character often goes through a sort of “training” arc in which they are growing stronger, better, etc. Before that it’s kind of trash. Their life probably had something very traumatic. The last few years have felt like Chris Tyk’s “training arc” and tragic beginning. Through a lot of hard work, prayers, and tears he has begun to enter his Glow Up Arc. For those in Christ, all things are working for our good. We have a part to play though. Lets Glow!

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BHAM features TC on the collective’s new single No Lie.

In a world of lies and deception, there is only one truth that remains. The same God of the Bible still holds to his promises and can make his truth known in any situation.

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Foe Life, by Survivor Q, is about staying connected to Christ and fighting the good fight of faith until the end. Holding one another accountable!

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After releasing some 40 songs in 2021, J-Heir breaks his musical silence in 2022 with a fresh single, New Season.

Releasing on the first day of Fall, “It doesn’t just mark a new season in the natural realm,” said J-Heir, “but also in the spiritual atmosphere. In my life and in my ministry.”

New Season is the lead single for his upcoming EP entitled ‘The Bridge’.

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The inspiration for Action, by Rand Scott, is James 2:17, and 1 Peter 1:13-15. The scriptures tell us that faith without works is dead and we must prepare our minds for action as obedient children of the Most High.

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CIRCLES, by Jalani Malik,  is about trying to live life by your own means. We have to let God be in control.

This is the first single released from Jelani’s upcoming album ‘INSIDE’. The album will be released on October 14, 2022.

Features: Ada Tate

My Heart On My Sleeve. from Fervenc, reflects his life on the streets as a homeless child surrounded by gang life.

Fervenc once had a hardened heart, but now he wears his emotions on his sleeve, which has been a heavy process in his journey with God. The inspiration comes from being in nature because he feels that is how the Holy Spirit speaks to him clearly.

Cee Jonez taps into Psalms 150:6 on the single Praise II.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

As long as you breathe, you ought to praise God regardless of the situation.

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GB goes against the grain with new single, On The Edge.

A lot of the mainstream rap & hip-hop is over-saturated with content that glorifies negativity and harmful perspectives on life. In the process of looking for an alternative approach, GB spent time away from the noise, deepening his faith, honing his craft, and being all-around productive. This record pairs lyrically-heavy vocals with ominous, yet hard-hitting production.

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