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Dedge P and Classmaticc team up on new single.

Everything is about how God is our everything no matter what we are going through.

D-Rock is back with a little something different!

Without Your Love is a heartfelt Hip Hop/ Worship track. On this record, D-Rock shares about his struggles and trials. All of those things that weighed on him, from depression and anxiety to beating himself up over past failures. We all go through trials and we all face opposition in one way or another, but we don’t walk through them alone!

Produced: r13prod

Engineered: DJLC

Features: DJLC

Being friend zoned hurts. Most of us have dealt with it at some point in our lives. Isaac Mather’s newest song, Now I Know, goes into depth about his own personal experience with rejection.

Sons of Agony encompasses the struggle of thwarting demons and evil in this world with no holding back.

None Like Joshua and Baker the Legend execute their lyricism with an aggressive and fierce tone. The duo rebukes Satan and his soldiers without sacrificing their love for Christ. Sons of Agony is produced by prolific EDM producer, NINJ3FF3C7. It is a combination of trap, cinematic, and EDM with a hype energy similar to NF.

Taxi is a one-minute gospel song that expresses need of having truth and a strong foundation in your life.

DOXA’s Change, featuring Takim, is about the changing power of Christ over our individual lives. Eddie and Vic share how Christ came into and changed their lives. Takim brings his soulful voice to give thanks to God for that change.

Keep Your Head Up, featuring MiQuel and Knick Knack’s 7-year-old daughter Anaiah, is an anthem!

Empowering message reminding us of our identity in Christ. Powerful bars, dope beat, and something to ride to with it on repeat. From Hawaii to Louisiana to Virginia, the Lord set up the development of this song.

“Keep Your Head Up, don’t you know you’re an image-bearer. Made In His likeness, in Christ you’re righteous and a joint heir!!!”

Religion is a song led by the Holy Spirit to be written and recorded. ANI LO immediately got it done.

Josiah Williams shares how Ephesians 4 encourages spiritual maturity and transparency. To get there, we have to acknowledge where we are. No Lie is the declaration that Williams is fully living for Jesus Christ and fighting for his destiny.

Feature: Phil J

Coping Mechanisms, by Kenneth King, has a heavy vibe with dark subject matter. It is deeply rooted in honesty and truth. At times that’s exactly how scripture feels.

Feature: Heidi Faye