outr.cty 'Foto Dump Vol. 2'

outr.cty | ‘FOTO DUMP Vol. 2’

FOTO DUMP VOL. 2 is the second installment of the Foto Dump series. The album is a collection of 808s, vibes, and testimonies.

Jarred Allstar 'JJ'

Jarred AllStar | JJ

Nearly four years after the release of Water and Wine, Christian Hip Hop’s best-kept secret is back with his second album: JJ.

Joined by frequent collaborator and CHH rising producer Jarrod Hicks (Pastor Charles, Da Commissioner, Godina, etc.), the two give us a shot of the unadulterated gospel with 14-tracks of bold delivery, sharp lyricism, and banging 808s. Across the project are guest features from some of the East Coast’s hottest CHH rappers: Rik Montero, ATTAM, Mark3dbyHIM, and multiple appearances from his wife, Davina. Every feature shows up and shows out for the Kingdom along with the Long Island MC.

Legacy Saints Sell White Too

Legacy | Saints Sell White Too

Doctrinally reformed, yet Charismatic in his approach, Legacy delivers a riveting & counter-cultural outlook on faith, the post-modernist worldview, and societal norms. With hard-hitting bars, creative themes, and unwavering honesty, Saints Sell White Too is not one to miss!

Isaac Mather 'Stranded'

Isaac Mather | ‘Stranded’

Isaac Mather’s new project Stranded includes the slowed + reverb, sped up, and instrumental versions of his latest single “Stranded”.

This song talks about his struggle with OCD. During his 7-year chronic health journey, Mather was bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Many mental health issues were brought on because of the physical pain. In this song, he talks to his OCD as if it were a person. It sounds like a breakup song, but the twist is that it isn’t.

Dedge P & Classmaticc '3 Day Theory'

Dedge P & Classmaticc team up for new album.

3 Day Theory features the single “Find A Way”. They share their heart in a very transparent way, addressing what is going on in life in the moment.

C.B. Christboy 'Who Is C.B. Christboy?'

C.B. Christboy follows up on recent singles with a new project.

Who is C.B.Christboy is C.B.’s new project totally focused on leading the lost to Christ. He uses dope beats and Holy Ghost-inspired lyrics.

TNV 'Purpose Over Opinions'

TNV delivers a new 12-song project, Purpose Over Opinions

“I’ve learned through maturing in my faith to turn off the outside noise from others’ opinions. That’s when I found purpose and inner peace. This album reflects that.”

Features include Battz, Jaooo, Kelo (K-Blessed), Rocdwell, Naime Sake

Bill B. 'The "New" Tape"

Bill B. shares what he has been experiencing with new EP

The “New” Tape is a short tape with a lot of thought. Bill B. felt like he had something to say. He wanted to share thoughts and ideas for where he is in life. Marriage, parenting, ministry, and other things he has lived through gave him perspective. God shaped it.

Josiah Levi drops his EP Step One

Josiah Levi takes it one step at a time on this EP that showcases a variety of styles.

Includes feature from: JM3

La'Quan Mitchell, 'Hey Mayne'

La’Quan Mitchell is an unlikely Hip-Hop duo comprised of DJ Pasquan & Lank based out of Lacey/Olympia, Washington.

With their debut album titled Hey Mayne, their sound is a mixture of Phonk/Memphis on the low end, with Future Bass sounds on the high end. With content that is raw, transparent, and honest about the realities of life. While at the same hand, giving hope.