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GhostLotus 'Rise of the Overcomers'

UK-based artist GhostLotus presents Rise of the Overcomers.

Rise of the Overcomers is a soundtrack for those who choose to never give up on their calling. GhostLotus made this for the purpose of edifying, inspiring, and motivating others. He pursues perfection by expressing himself through his music. Listeners find real-life situations mixed with a Gospel message.

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J Payne has been putting out CHH music for over 12 years now.

During those years J Payne has endured much hurt from the CHH community. This album addresses those hurts. From being backbitten and slandered to being treated like competition and a black sheep.

To God Be the Glory is to give biblically sound and relatable content to others who have had similar experiences and bring biblical correction to those who need it.

Features include Von Won, BRM, Hilgy, Dillon Chase, Braille, Man Of War, Kevi Morse, and more.

Check out J Payne’s collab album with Nino Light.

JusJames bring you his new mixtape titled ‘HMBL Tape’. With features from Mission, Prodi Da Prodigal, Weez The Satellite Kiid, iNTELLECT, YP aka Young Paul, TC and many more, get ready for an array of truth-filled bars!

She Was A Fighter is a project about fighting to find purpose and freedom the way God intended. It is a story about how our Father draws near in our deepest sufferings to give us identity and peace. Check out this new project from Once Wckd.

Check out the WAVES EP by Mike Sarge. No features, just straight vibes and heat. #SalutesToThat

Joseph Madigan drops new EP, Alignment.

Going through an arduous journey, Joseph Madigan faced several challenges in life. From being a homeless individual, at the age of 16, to being established through the act of love from believers who provided him a place to live and grow after years of struggling. Despite going through hardships, Joseph decided to begin a relationship with God. Making music without covetousness to get famous, he instead aimed to inspire people. Encouraging them to seek God while growing in his personal relationship .

The urge to create inspiring songs for people came naturally to Joseph Madigan.

Madigan shares his incite to stay in Alignment with God through his meaningful EP. Alignment is packed with 5 songs, including “Mode” ft. Chiwaz, “No Rivals” ft. Naraya & Godina, and “Alignment” ft. Authority Sound. Each piece has heartfelt lyrics coupled with different, engaging tunes and rhythms that make people instantly want to listen to it. With a unique beat and a groovy rhythm, each song consists of meaningful messages to inspire and encourage people to count on God and have faith in Him.

“I am a Christian artist, and the focus of the EP was to make songs about focusing on God. My goal is to provide music that helps people grow in their faith or be inspired by the message of the songs,” says Joseph Madigan.

With his creative yet relatable lyrics on Alignment, Joseph Madigan conveys a message about wanting God’s guidance at every turn. Regardless of the circumstances. Highlighting the significance of God’s lead to flourishing in life.

A theme common to his songs is the significance of God. Joseph’s music and life has inspired several people, leaving his listeners head over heels to learn a positive message through his creative yet inspiring music.

Kingsman JE dropped his new album Ambitious is 11-tracks of hard-hitting CHH.

The album came at one of the roughest times in Kingsman JE’s life. He needed motivation to continue giving his best. To accept what life had thrown at him.

Features: BRM, BrodieDaVinci, Angel Alfaro, Taebeatz74, Marcus Selders, Jayknight

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Nino Light and J Payne‘s new collaborative album CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM is now available.

CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM: From the Circus to the Churches was handed out by Jesus Loves Juggalos as part of outreach at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos.
Features: J-Stokes, Cody Rogers, Killa C, Vronske, The XSP-Xtreme Street Preacher, Blizz, Daniel Wayne
Hear more from J Payne here.

Marqus Anthony, owner and operator of Blessed On Purpose, drops Forever Walking By My Faith.

Featuring a dope, eclectic set of artists, the project release on September 2, 2022.

Included on the album are Porsha Love, Kennis Clark, Luke G., Lance Hitch, Avila, Kelo, Choirboy Bell, DreBreeze Da Godson, Jazmine Nikao, Czar Josh, DJ Mykael V, and more. The Midwest hip hop sounds of Detroit meet Atlanta flavor. It is a sonic blend of storytelling, head bopping, and lyricism that creates an encouraging experience for listeners around the globe.

Forever Walking By My Faith is part three in the “Walking By My Faith” series from Marqus Anthony.

Following 2016’s ‘Walking By My Faith’ and 2018’s ‘Walking By My Faith: Thru the Storm’, Anthony shares his experiences that prove the Biblical admonition:

“suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character” – Romans 5:3-4

Listeners hear the exhortations of Anthony’s close inner circle. They encourage him to follow God’s call back to his hometown of Detroit. Along with that transition, there are also the raw emotions one experiences when submitting to God in prayer. You will be brought into the journey of Marqus’ story of being down; experiencing the beauty of of amazing grace; and the life changing revelation that we are God’s Portrait.

Marqus Anthony leaves you trademarked with the truth that we look like our Savior.

FWBMF is now available on all streaming platforms. Rest in the goodness of God that is boldly declared on the latest Blessed On Purpose project. Stay up to date with Marqus Anthony across social media.

Take a listen to the project below. Let us know your favorite records in the comments!

Listen to the latest single here. Follow Marqus Anthony on Twitter.

Eddy Puyol has dropped a new album.

If you really want to get to know a person you should peep their playlist.

Experiencing a collection of music they’ve curated for inspiration, entertainment, and emotional release can provide the listener with a profound understanding of the soul behind the souls.

This is especially true when the subject of interest is a recording artist.

Pronounced Pooh-Yole serves as a brief Eddy Puyol audio biography.

Puyol shares his successes under the “Rawsrvnt” stage moniker, educating audiences about how to say his last name, and providing a peek into his life filled with faith, family, and fortitude.

“It’s Over” embodies Puyol’s family mantra to finish what you start. “Sigue Pa’ Lante” (used during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast) is not transformed into the 100% Spanish-language track Puyol has always desired. The album also includes the pop/trap/love record “To the Moon” along with “Forever Love” (a recent pick for Pandora’s “Dad Songs for Sons and Daughters” playlist).

The song Puyol is most excited to share is “This One’s for You”.

This sunny, “Summertime”-esque track recounts his career as a full-time artist. It also cleverly samples vocals recorded when Eddy was just 11-years old.

“This was where it all started, rapping with Ms. Mary’s ‘Kid ‘N Posse’ youth group team back at Word of Life Church,” Puyol recalled. “I sampled her voice for the record too. It’s a special memory for me and, hopefully, a jam for you.”

The track’s visual component is comprised of performance and personal highlight reel footage. Shot by Will Thomas, the video is a first-time collaboration. The duo utilized a state-of-the-art 30ft x 10ft LED screen at Crossover Church as a backdrop.

Both the “This One’s for You” video and Pronounced Pooh-Yole are now available.

Look for it on your favorite digital service provider platforms and Eddy Puyol social media sites.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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