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Time is winding down. There will come a time when things as we know them will cease to exist. Jesus is coming back and on that day His righteousness will be on display for all to see.

Joe of Meek Heroes new EP, Timepiece, is designed to leave listeners with a sense of urgency as it is written both for the believer and the non-believer. Joe brings a unique style to the table as he mixes hip-hop with ominous Nu-Metal type vocals. Creating a fresh dynamic that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

It’s been a Long Time Coming! That’s the best way to describe the debut solo project from Hip-Hop artist Noble Vessel.

The project is a collection of songs from Noble’s original rhyme book. Songs he’s been sitting on since his return to recording music in 2017 as a founding member of the group Xoul City. Long Time Coming sonically and lyrically is a mix of Christian Rap, Contemporary Gospel, Neo Soul, and 90s Hip-Hop influences, from the East to the Gulf coast. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find songs on the nine-track album that brings back the feeling of something you’ve been missing in music.

Features: Preppy, DJ OneNine, Saelah, Jarard Kenneth, Ashlie Jaie

Word Rat, like all of Johnathan Woodward’s music, is to equip, encourage, and challenge people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Whether that’s for the Christian or someone who doesn’t yet believe – Woodward wants his music to help bring them closer to Jesus. All the while having fun by listening to Christian rap with sick beats and real talk lyrics.

Features: Shalena Forde,

Dallas emcee and Atlanta resident, Shane Kidd has been in the game for over a decade now creating uplifting and thought-provoking music.

In the 2010s, Shane released two albums, ‘Student of Life’ and ‘Learn to Live’, that both showed Kidd’s raw talent and care for the listener. Shane Kidd can spit with the best of them but it’s the message he wants you to walk away with. Throughout his career, Shane’s worked with some of the greats in Sho Baraka, K-Drama, DJ Aslan, and others. After a hiatus brought on by depression and writer’s block, Kidd is back with newfound freedom and a brand new record in Good Mourning.

Good Mourning is the tale of two halves.

On one side, Shane Kidd lets us right into the feelings and emotions he dealt with during his hiatus.

“The album was inspired by realizing I had to grieve the loss of my old life,” Kidd says.

Tracks like “Shadowboxing” show a vulnerable Shane Kidd going through the process and journey of loss, sometimes questioning himself and the path set before him. It’s not all doom and gloom though because after the rain comes sunshine and the Texas artist lets the listener know that there’s hope. “Joyful Rebellion” sees Shane Kidd team up with J.Crum on a groovy jam with uplifting lyrics adding another dimension to the realities we’re all dealing with.

Shane Kidd looks to relate and connect with the listener and Good Mourning expresses this on a deeper level. Life is full of transformation and Shane Kidd gives us a direct peek into his throughout the 10-track LP.

Features: Lucius, Josias, Jpaaulsings, Kyla Simone, Jordyn, R.J. Allen, J. Crum, R-Swift, Paris Avery, DJ Aslan, J Nolan

With his third installment in the CHH space, Hugh Holla aims to show empathy and encouragement to his culture.

Understanding the challenges in the African-American journey, Hugh’s wish is that his people will sing out Hosanna and draw closer to the Lord, sooner than later. Hugh’s prayer is that this piece of work will influence some to seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness. To push his people through past, present, and future troubles!

Features: Saint Jones, TC, Gitemjay, BJ & Tosha Roberts

Check Your Watch is the sequel to Jarred AllStar’s first mixtape ‘Startime’ released in 2012.

In this highly energetic, punch line-laden project, Jarred seeks to create a bridge between “the hood” and the Church. Using instrumentals from popular artists, Jarred puts his own twist on industry hits.

Someday is the latest EP release by hip hop artist Elohin, through his music brand CF Entertainment.

The EP consists of two tracks, “My Pain” and “Someday”, that heavily focus on the topics of depression, anxiety, doubt and faith. Musically, the EP has a darker vibe and feels much different than his previous releases. The darker vibe and feel helps to capture the raw emotion and pain expressed in Elohin’s lyrics.

The Lightyears Mixtape is a collection of remixes packed with dope bars, clever wordplay, and of course authentic truth. This project serves as an appetizer for the long awaited new album from Adalid set to release in June. This 8-track mixtape should satisfy your musical taste buds until the album drops. Enjoy!

Mic Wise & Trutha team up to release their new project, Vanguards.

Producers for this EP include BLVNCA, Wayne Klassik, Prodi, & YJO. Both artist desire to confront the current culture of Christianity and the church and lead the way in advancing the true kingdom of God, hence the title vanguards.

Purchase the album for early listen: https://trutharaps.bandcamp.com/album/vanguards

Dex of Meek Heroes brings thought provoking lyrics to present a Gospel message, giving his testimony of becoming a new creation in Christ, while being a nerd who loves Jesus!

Please Check out his latest single “Around me” as Dex takes us through his past before, and after, accepting Christ as his Lord and savior! When we are experiencing struggles, we are not alone. By ourselves hardships can break us, but if our faith is in Jesus then we know God is at work in our lives, and His strength is enough. When we look to God, He will give us the strength we need to carry us through dark times.