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D-Rock is back with a little something different!

Without Your Love is a heartfelt Hip Hop/ Worship track. On this record, D-Rock shares about his struggles and trials. All of those things that weighed on him, from depression and anxiety to beating himself up over past failures. We all go through trials and we all face opposition in one way or another, but we don’t walk through them alone!

Produced: r13prod

Engineered: DJLC

Features: DJLC

Rising Christian Hip Hop artist and punch line specialist Jarred AllStar teams with West Coast vocal powerhouse Davina for their first collaboration as husband and wife ‘#CatchtheseHaynes’.

Coming off the heels of a successful year for Jarred he introduces us to Davina and all of her musical giftings. The duo celebrate their love for both God and each other. They successfully use various sounds from the energetic pop-driven “Love Will Always Win” to the gospel-influenced “God Did It”. Jarred and Davina take us on an enjoyable musical journey where we indeed Catch These Haynes. With this being Davina’s debut project, she takes every opportunity available to deliver. This couple is on the move so hurry and #CatchtheseHaynes.

Paint a Picture gives a glimpse into Eric Cohen’s mind and soul. From who he’s been and how Jesus has shaped him into his masterpiece.

This collaborative effort by some of the DMV’s rawest talents is a declaration of victory over the devil’s constant attempts to diminish! With spirit-filled rhymes, each artist gives an account of the power of Christ against the forces of evil in the world.

Features: Echelon Knoxx, Croc Soo Savvy, RayDugga, Cité, OutSpoken, Mr. Victory or Nothing

Untdld teamed up with JsRzd to bring y’all this heart-felt, transparent song about taking mental breaks.

“Pick me up then they use me, put me down kind of like Andy’s toys”

Once Wckd releases a new single weighing the fruits of struggle in the life of a prayer warrior. This song delves into the inner thoughts of a dedicated follower of God willing to go to any lengths to be faithful to the call.

Leap Of Faith is a sonic experience that represents the believer’s duty of bringing light to a dark world. It combines unorthodox rap beats with hard-hitting production, to create a world of limitless possibilities.

Features: J. Crum, Dru Bex, Scribe Music, Eshon Burgundy

BeardGang is a rap duo of Gospel Artist H.O.P.E Music and Go Ye. Teaming up with other artists all over the globe to unify the Body of Christ!

Features: Russ Shanks, BRM, ErrE MaziaZ, Ol’ Rugged, Disciple Tha Don, James Dale Cory, Izreel Jamez, Lil T

The new album It Takes a Village by Atlanta-based gospel rap artist Suave Colione delivers a unique sound. Suave uses his uniqueness to reach outside of ordinary listeners. The deluxe version of It Takes a Village is available now.

Features: Eric Byrd, Tauro DaVinci, The Rices, Ben4gvn, Lewis Dudley II, Enrique Holmes, Alex George, My Family

Safe is a song of surrender. Too often we hold back from God, allowing the things we’ve seen and people we’ve encountered to make us gunshy in giving our all. Once we realize God is not like man – what we’ve seen, where we’ve been, what we’ve been – it ceases to matter anymore. In God’s will, we are Safe.