Godz Messenger "In the Storms"

Godz Messenger | “Devil Don’t Want You To Hear Me”

Anointed to inspire and point to Jesus the Christ. Devil Don’t Want You To Hear Me talks about hell. The track’s melodies and lyrics will encourage and enlighten the listener.

Hugh Holl "Home Run"

Hugh Holla aims to speak salvation with his latest single release.

Home Run is a track from an upcoming mixtape. You can’t be playing the field without Christ. The game of baseball takes moving from base to base just as life takes moving step by step. We can all make it home with one swing. If we receive salvation, it’s a Home Run!

Thee Gift "Ima Hit Yo Block"

IMA HIT YO BLOCK by Thee Gift is a multi-layered, aggressive gospel rap song.

Thee Gift utilizes his patented Hard Christian Rap delivery and talks to the streets. Jesus can save every block, especially yours!

Emcee N.I.C.E. and Shari "He Took It Away"

Emcee N.I.C.E and Shari put together a well-timed collaboration with He Took It Away.

Christian Rap/Gospel Hip Hop meets Praise & Worship as a spiritual musical journey happens on the record. Featuring an atmospheric intro, a fire is ignited as the tone is set for He Took It Away with the soulful voice of Shari. The record has all of the right musical elements. Live bass, hard-hitting snare, and a hip-hop swing of the drum.  It all combines with the dynamic storytelling of Emcee N.I.C.E.

He Took It Away is a vibe about triumph through all types of setbacks. We have to let God in to win, let Him “take it away”. No matter what you are going through. Have faith, vision, and stay steadfast on your priorities. Evil’s plan is to undermine everything you do and that is because you believe.

Welcome to a Spiritual Evolution!

My Heart On My Sleeve. from Fervenc, reflects his life on the streets as a homeless child surrounded by gang life.

Fervenc once had a hardened heart, but now he wears his emotions on his sleeve, which has been a heavy process in his journey with God. The inspiration comes from being in nature because he feels that is how the Holy Spirit speaks to him clearly.

Zigg Madison brings you his new single, Born Killa. We as humans are born sinners and we are made to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The song is about being born again and dying to self. Enjoy this true hip-hop vibe.

My Story is 2.0’s third single of the year. It is a brief retelling of how he came to Christ and what it was like in the beginning.  2.0 enlisted the aid of the OG Project Pat, who is actually a PK (preacher’s kid). Pat wanted to share his story and devotion to Christ as well.  Definitely a moment in time!

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D-Rock is back with a little something different!

Without Your Love is a heartfelt Hip Hop/ Worship track. On this record, D-Rock shares about his struggles and trials. All of those things that weighed on him, from depression and anxiety to beating himself up over past failures. We all go through trials and we all face opposition in one way or another, but we don’t walk through them alone!

Produced: r13prod

Engineered: DJLC

Features: DJLC

Rising Christian Hip Hop artist and punch line specialist Jarred AllStar teams with West Coast vocal powerhouse Davina for their first collaboration as husband and wife ‘#CatchtheseHaynes’.

Coming off the heels of a successful year for Jarred he introduces us to Davina and all of her musical giftings. The duo celebrate their love for both God and each other. They successfully use various sounds from the energetic pop-driven “Love Will Always Win” to the gospel-influenced “God Did It”. Jarred and Davina take us on an enjoyable musical journey where we indeed Catch These Haynes. With this being Davina’s debut project, she takes every opportunity available to deliver. This couple is on the move so hurry and #CatchtheseHaynes.

Paint a Picture gives a glimpse into Eric Cohen’s mind and soul. From who he’s been and how Jesus has shaped him into his masterpiece.