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Word Rat, like all of Johnathan Woodward’s music, is to equip, encourage, and challenge people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Whether that’s for the Christian or someone who doesn’t yet believe – Woodward wants his music to help bring them closer to Jesus. All the while having fun by listening to Christian rap with sick beats and real talk lyrics.

Features: Shalena Forde,

Sons of Agony encompasses the struggle of thwarting demons and evil in this world with no holding back.

None Like Joshua and Baker the Legend execute their lyricism with an aggressive and fierce tone. The duo rebukes Satan and his soldiers without sacrificing their love for Christ. Sons of Agony is produced by prolific EDM producer, NINJ3FF3C7. It is a combination of trap, cinematic, and EDM with a hype energy similar to NF.

Religion is a song led by the Holy Spirit to be written and recorded. ANI LO immediately got it done.

Faith Mode is about leaning on faith in Christ, no matter what life around you looks like. Sometimes, it may seem as though life has us in a position to question everything around us. It is essential to re-focus and trust that God is in control and knows what’s best for us through the good and tough times.

Written by Tarcea Renee, Produced by Twix_Beats, and the music video for Faith Mode is directed by @VividCortez

Thee Gift teams up with DreBreeze Da Godson for his latest record You Know How We Do.

This song is for the person who needs to let go of someone, but can’t.

Isaac Mather and Justin Binnicker contemplate their inability to rid themselves of those who hurt them. Both have struggled with letting toxic people influence and define how they see themselves. In creating this song, both artists hope to reach and impact others with this struggle, as well as find freedom personally from the trauma that relationships have caused them. Isaac and Justin have been working on this song for over a year. During that time they have continued to grow in their own friendship. This song was and is an outlet they both have used to relate with each other. Isaac used his production and engineering expertise to steer the project in the right direction, ultimately making this song something both artists are proud of.

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you” John 15v18-19.

If you find yourself asking “why can’t I fit in how everyone else does”, just remember that you are a chosen people a peculiar people set apart. You weren’t made to fit in this world and that’s okay. Keep your head high Little Saint!

Features: BRM, Hugh Holla

The main message of Solomon’s Interlude is about vanity. How most of the things we do in our everyday lives are out of vain intent.

Kenneth King’s favorite part of writing this song were the actual biblical references all throughout the lyrics. As human beings we chase so many things to fill temporary gaps within ourselves. In our thoughts and emotions. This song expands on that concept.

Imagine having a one on one conversation with your mind as if it were a person. What would you say? Well, this song is that conversation, going into depth about the pain and anguish it has caused.

Nikao’s World, by Jazmine Nikao, is truly an experience unlike anything anyone has ever heard.

The album is an audible storytelling masterpiece. It features production by Find Will, narration by Iniki Franklin, and voice acting by Megan McClary, Carl Duperval, Michael Adams, and of course Jazmine herself.

Nikao is a conquering superhero fighting against the Godless enemy. Her story is one of a young woman who experienced trauma and abuse at a young age, but never properly healed from it. During her daily work, she becomes triggered and paralyzed by fear as the enemy deceptively attacks her. With her back against the wall, Nikao reaches inside to find the warrior within and fight with God by her side.

The musical tracks showcase a variety of structures and genres. Jazmine raps and sings with such passion and confidence whether its up-tempo hip hop, jazzy melodies, or a soulful ballad. Everything comes together to form what is just the beginning of Nikao’s tale. This album is a must listen that will have you impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next chapter in Nikao’s World.