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After releasing some 40 songs in 2021, J-Heir breaks his musical silence in 2022 with a fresh single, New Season.

Releasing on the first day of Fall, “It doesn’t just mark a new season in the natural realm,” said J-Heir, “but also in the spiritual atmosphere. In my life and in my ministry.”

New Season is the lead single for his upcoming EP entitled ‘The Bridge’.

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The inspiration for Action, by Rand Scott, is James 2:17, and 1 Peter 1:13-15. The scriptures tell us that faith without works is dead and we must prepare our minds for action as obedient children of the Most High.

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Check out this new single from Isaac Mather titled Say Ur Sorry. Isaac wrote this song because of the way people made him feel doing his life. This song can be related to people that feel like outsiders or misfits. Vibe out to this and enjoy it.

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Former NFL Star Rashad Jennings drops his first rap album, Nevah Lost Vol. 1. In honor of Rashad Jennings’s parent’s 51st anniversary.

In the fall of 2021, former New York Giants running back, Dancing With The Stars Season 24 champion, and New York Times bestselling author Rashad Jennings reached out to Jay and fellow artists G. I. Wonder, and Chad Nelson to work on a collaborative rap album for his gaming organization, Nevah Lost. Nevah Lost, Vol. 1 is executively produced by Rashad Jennings and consists of 9 songs, with special appearances from Rashad Jennings. Nevah Lost, Vol. 1 is primarily a trap record with influences of Afrobeat such as the heartfelt ballad “Some Time” and R&B such as the slow jam “Priceless”. The album highlights themes of love, commitment, hope, and celebrations of victory in Christ Jesus.

Fight The Good Fight features four great emcees – Iron Will, Ty Scott King, Go Ye, and The Found8tion. This song is direct scripture of 1 Tim 6:12 which tells us to fight the good fight of faith. Stand strong and firm to what we believe and never waiver.

Self is inspired by Luke 9:23. Jesus tells his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

Word Rat, like all of Johnathan Woodward’s music, is to equip, encourage, and challenge people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Whether that’s for the Christian or someone who doesn’t yet believe – Woodward wants his music to help bring them closer to Jesus. All the while having fun by listening to Christian rap with sick beats and real talk lyrics.

Features: Shalena Forde,

Sons of Agony encompasses the struggle of thwarting demons and evil in this world with no holding back.

None Like Joshua and Baker the Legend execute their lyricism with an aggressive and fierce tone. The duo rebukes Satan and his soldiers without sacrificing their love for Christ. Sons of Agony is produced by prolific EDM producer, NINJ3FF3C7. It is a combination of trap, cinematic, and EDM with a hype energy similar to NF.

Religion is a song led by the Holy Spirit to be written and recorded. ANI LO immediately got it done.

Faith Mode is about leaning on faith in Christ, no matter what life around you looks like. Sometimes, it may seem as though life has us in a position to question everything around us. It is essential to re-focus and trust that God is in control and knows what’s best for us through the good and tough times.

Written by Tarcea Renee, Produced by Twix_Beats, and the music video for Faith Mode is directed by @VividCortez