outr.cty 'Foto Dump Vol. 2'

outr.cty | ‘FOTO DUMP Vol. 2’

FOTO DUMP VOL. 2 is the second installment of the Foto Dump series. The album is a collection of 808s, vibes, and testimonies.

Jay Bizzze "Fall Off"

Jay Bizzze | “Fall Off” featuring Jamie Mura

School’s out, and summer break is here, yet one of the most exciting times of the year is the saddest for Christian Rapper Jay Bizzze.

In his first collaborative effort, Jay Bizzze teams up with rising pop artist Jamie Mura to release Fall Off, dubbing it “a summer break love song.” Appealing to millions of college and high school students across the globe, Fall Off sees Jay anxiously missing the girl he likes who went away for summer break and wondering if she feels the same way about him.

The summery pop-rap record features a stellar and catchy hook from Jamie Mura and some of Jay’s most heartfelt lyrics as he vividly paints his intentions to love this girl like Christ loves His Church and gave Himself up for her (Ephesians 5:25).

Dedge P "Melodies"

Dedge P | “Melodies” featuring Xay Hill

Melodies is an encouragement to anybody going through hard times in life, reminding them that God is still with you and He is still good!

Jarred Allstar 'JJ'

Jarred AllStar | JJ

Nearly four years after the release of Water and Wine, Christian Hip Hop’s best-kept secret is back with his second album: JJ.

Joined by frequent collaborator and CHH rising producer Jarrod Hicks (Pastor Charles, Da Commissioner, Godina, etc.), the two give us a shot of the unadulterated gospel with 14-tracks of bold delivery, sharp lyricism, and banging 808s. Across the project are guest features from some of the East Coast’s hottest CHH rappers: Rik Montero, ATTAM, Mark3dbyHIM, and multiple appearances from his wife, Davina. Every feature shows up and shows out for the Kingdom along with the Long Island MC.

Legacy Saints Sell White Too

Legacy | Saints Sell White Too

Doctrinally reformed, yet Charismatic in his approach, Legacy delivers a riveting & counter-cultural outlook on faith, the post-modernist worldview, and societal norms. With hard-hitting bars, creative themes, and unwavering honesty, Saints Sell White Too is not one to miss!

GB x Legacy "No Problem"

GB x Legacy | “No Problem”

The latest offering from TLS (The Listening Session), GB & Legacy warns about the inherent dangers of a paper-chasing mindset. When the relentless pursuit of material wealth becomes the focal point, the journey to obtain it becomes treacherous, while the acquisition of it leaves a person unfulfilled.

Knick Knack "You Knew"

Knick Knack | “You Knew” featuring JBe@tz

You Knew takes us on the journey from Knick Knack’s life before Christ, and the trials in it, to going through the trials in Christ and some of the issues we went through in the Church. Then it brings us to the cross, and seeing all Jesus went through, knowing He would leave us with an example and empower us to follow.

Byron Woo "Way Down"

Byron Woo | “Way Down”

Sin will take us Way Down away from God. This song points us in the right direction to move toward God.

Knowlij "To Die Is Gain"

Knowlij | “To Die Is Gain” featuring Believin Stephen

To Die Is Gain is a reference to Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

It is a reminder that our lives belong to Christ. As believers, we are called to die daily to our flesh and earthly desires. To seek first the kingdom of God. Ultimately, this Earth is not our home. Even in our trials and suffering we have a future hope namely that we will spend eternity in Heaven with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ which is a far more superior treasure than any pleasures this world can offer.

Cephas "Every Knee Shall Bow"

Cephas & The Resistance | “Every Knee Shall Bow” featuring Datin

Every Knee Shall Bow is an east coast, boom bap, face melter mixed with a dub reggae atmosphere. The sample for the beat is taken from reggae legend Scientist’s “Every Knee Shall Bow” from the 70s.

Cephas and Datin trade 24-bar verses with witty wordplay and heavy punchlines. All give Jesus the glory due since we know, in the end, Every Knee Shall Bow.