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Christian hip hop’s newest collective The Listening Session (TLS) releases their latest single FEARLESS!

FEARLESS features the Vanguard duo Trutha & Mic Wise showcasing their musical chemistry on this gritty beat produced by Cyrus Sonata.

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Glow Up Arc, by Chris TyK, is a nerdcore and CHH fusion. If you consume any show or movie series you likely know this term. If not, it’s simply the path a story follows.

In anime the main character often goes through a sort of “training” arc in which they are growing stronger, better, etc. Before that it’s kind of trash. Their life probably had something very traumatic. The last few years have felt like Chris Tyk’s “training arc” and tragic beginning. Through a lot of hard work, prayers, and tears he has begun to enter his Glow Up Arc. For those in Christ, all things are working for our good. We have a part to play though. Lets Glow!

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BHAM features TC on the collective’s new single No Lie.

In a world of lies and deception, there is only one truth that remains. The same God of the Bible still holds to his promises and can make his truth known in any situation.

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Foe Life, by Survivor Q, is about staying connected to Christ and fighting the good fight of faith until the end. Holding one another accountable!

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Kingsman JE dropped his new album Ambitious is 11-tracks of hard-hitting CHH.

The album came at one of the roughest times in Kingsman JE’s life. He needed motivation to continue giving his best. To accept what life had thrown at him.

Features: BRM, BrodieDaVinci, Angel Alfaro, Taebeatz74, Marcus Selders, Jayknight

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Nino Light and J Payne‘s new collaborative album CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM is now available.

CARNIVAL 2 KINGDOM: From the Circus to the Churches was handed out by Jesus Loves Juggalos as part of outreach at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos.
Features: J-Stokes, Cody Rogers, Killa C, Vronske, The XSP-Xtreme Street Preacher, Blizz, Daniel Wayne
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Cee Jonez taps into Psalms 150:6 on the single Praise II.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.

As long as you breathe, you ought to praise God regardless of the situation.

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GB goes against the grain with new single, On The Edge.

A lot of the mainstream rap & hip-hop is over-saturated with content that glorifies negativity and harmful perspectives on life. In the process of looking for an alternative approach, GB spent time away from the noise, deepening his faith, honing his craft, and being all-around productive. This record pairs lyrically-heavy vocals with ominous, yet hard-hitting production.

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Raivin wrote Sojourner with the fact in mind that this life is but a vapor. This place is not our home we’re just passing through. Our true home is where our Heavenly Father is. Till we get there, we have work to do that our Lord Jesus has commissioned us to.

“For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come.” Hebrews 13:14

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God’s Grace, by Cee Jonez, is a reminder that we don’t have to do something to earn it. God says it is given to us freely. Everything is given to us freely his love, grace, and righteousness.

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