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While I must admit that the movie War Room is not only, by far, the best movie I’ve seen this year, but quite possibly one of the best movies I’ve EVER seen, this blog isn’t about the movie, itself, but the premise. GOD has a penchant for using necessary tools to awaken individuals out of unnecessary slumber and life induced stupors. Still asleep on company time? Today’s “worshipper”, who has no idea that they’re at war. Let me explain…

Somewhere within the infusion of and shift away from the choir wave into our present praise and worship stage, it became en vogue to disavow the power of praise, literally, because everyone wants to be a “worshipper”; we’ve mistaken the appearance during the act of worship for what a life of worship should look like. And though life is not a literal Facebook (praise GOD), those with a sincere passion for GOD and HIS people are overshadowed, publicly, by those content to either pretend to know GOD or truly, falsely believe they have a measure of relationship with HIM that they simply do not, individuals guilty of this have done so simply for ‘likes’ (sorry, guys, but “deep” doesn’t have a “look”, like neither chills or cheers are an accurate anointing barometer)….

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Apple seeds produce apple trees that bear more apples. Whatever is planted is what comes up; what’s sown is what’s harvested. It’s part of the reason alcoholics breed alcoholics, save the mercy of GOD. Curses (generational) are seeds that when nurtured, intentionally or not, bring forth fruit. By the same token, hurt seeds bring forth hurt that, when unchecked and allowed to fester, hurts others.

Though there’s more than one type of hurting, GOD has assured us that there’s also more than one type of healing. Wounds are and can be wide ranging, and so healings, or being made whole, have to run that same gamut.

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Galatians 3:24 states that the biblical law served as our guardianship. So to break this down, let’s start by having a definitive understanding of our principle word “Guardianship”. What is a guardianship? Who do we see as ever having guardianship in our lifetime?

In this lifetime, when we think of a guardianship, we think of a capable adult, having temporary ownership over an individual, most likely a child. So how can we compare to this? Are we not children of God, of course we are. Do children need babysitters until their parents come home, of course they do.

Galatians 3:24 is basically stating that the law was our babysitter until our Daddy came home. Jesus being the fulfillment of the law (Matthew 5:17) put us back until our rightful owner’s hands. Through the law, there was no salvation, only bondage. There was no life, only death, and there was no redemption only condemnation.

Through Christ, we have gained a justifiable faith (Romans 8:30), an undeniable purpose, and an undividable ownership (John 10:28). We belong to Christ. We’ve been paid for. The law was so impersonal. We had no owner. We were slaves to the guidelines, rather than lovers of a wonderful Father, who cares for us individually and personally enough, to send His son, the first born of many brethren (Col. 1:15), to die in our place.

Do you not know that there was no amount of righteous deeds in the sight of a Holy God, that could of verified us as qualified saints to stand before a just and righteous God. There were no words, or any amount of praise, worship, or offering, that could pay our sin debt to God.

We were enemies of God (Romans 5:10); we were at war with God, by those very acts that we proclaimed as righteous. The bible says that, “our righteousness is as filthy rags”. Then later on it goes on to say, that if we wish to be righteous, then we will live by faith alone.

This faith knows that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. That nobody comes to the Father except through Him. That without faith it’s impossible to please God, and that He is our helper in time of need, so we shall fear what no man can do to us. (Heb. 13:10)

I want to encourage you brothers and sisters in Christ, to not beat yourself up, and bind yourself to fulfilling the law. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:6 that, “the letter kills, but it’s the Spirit that gives life.” Don’t you think that if God thought that the law could save us, He wouldn’t have promised us a better way, back in Jeremiah with the New Covenant? All 66 books of the bible proclaim of the coming of the King, Jesus. He was predestined and predetermined before the beginning of time, for this very purpose, to leave His throne in Heaven, enter into the world as a baby, born of a virgin, growing up in wisdom and stature, Preaching the Kingdom of God, all the way to His death on the cross, so that God can manifest His glory on Earth, by raising His one and only son from the grave. He was the spotless lamb, who was tempted in every way as we are, all while remaining sinless (Hebrews 4:15). His temptation made Him able to empathize with us, becoming our advocate (1 John 2:1), and His sinlessness made Him the only one capable to carry out the standard of God, that all sin is punishable by death (Romans 6:23), and that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sins (Hebrews 9:22).

Know that you have been redeemed by Jesus, and that you are not bound by the law anymore. Who the Son sets free, is truly free indeed.

Let’s pray:
Father God, I pray right now in the name of Jesus, over the Spirit of Perfection. We know by no means are we perfect, but we serve you, a perfect and righteous God, who is calling us to know you close enough, that we may be perfected in your presence. Help us to trust you in your word, as you said your Grace is sufficient, that we know and believe this. Help us to be broken before you, so that you can build us up for your Glory. Have your way in us today Lord. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, really lived and really died on a real cross, and shed real blood, bearing the real sins of every real man, past, present and future.

This is the simple truth, the simple gospel; the question is, how many of us really believe this?

There’s no mark in history recorded or not, greater than the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether your Christian, Muslim, Buhddist, Atheist, or indifferent, there’s no denying that the name of Jesus Christ stirs up something in each one of us. The feeling you get is up to you. Whether His name makes you joyful, angry, confused, sad, timid, or just flat out disconnected, there has to be a massive amount of power in this name to cause this amount of conflicting feelings.

What is it about the name of Jesus Christ that just stirs things up?

The bible tells us, that there is no other name greater than that of Jesus Christ. It also says that every knee will bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. You see, we were created by the Living God, and when God created us, we were given a measure of faith to accomplish the individual tasks that God created us for, and to believe in Him, for the ability to accomplish it. Now because we were created by God, who is indeed Spirit (John 4:4), our spirit recognizes God. Jesus being God’s son, the very word of God who became flesh (John 1:14), is recognizable to us.

The problem is that there’s a line drawn in the sand, and on each side of this line there’s a division. On one side, you agree with the fullness of God, understand who God is, and accept God’s offering of His son Jesus Christ to pay for your sin debt. The other side of this line, you deny God, or even believe He exist, but believe the lie, that your sin is not actually sin, that God is not correct, and that your goodness can outweigh your bad, therefore putting you in charge of your own destiny.

The problem with the second part of this line is that no matter how much good you do in life, your bad outweighs it. God calls sin an abomination. The amount of weight that sin carries is astronomical. Sin is the very shackles of life that keep us from accomplishing goals. Sin is a sickness. This sin problem will burden you for your entire lifetime whether you recognize it or not, because you are indeed spirit made by a spiritual God, and it’s your spirit that God put in you that recognizes sin. Sin has to be dealt with.

So how do we deal with this sin? The real answer is that we can’t. There’s nothing inside of us as natural beings that can rid ourselves of our sin. The only way to confront our sin is to recognize that we are sinners in every way, and confess those sins to God, ask Him to save you and cleanse you from the inside out. The bible says that, if we confess our sins to God, He is faithful and just to forgive us of those sins, and cleanse of all unrighteousness.

So what side of the line are you on today? Maybe you’re on the right side and you’re living hard for God, calculating every step to please Him and abide in His will. If you are, I commend you, and I encourage to continue to fight the good fight of faith and to finish strong.

Some of you may be on the right side, and trust God, and believe God, but have a hard time applying The word of God to your daily life. I want to encourage you, to stay seeking God, praying, fasting, dying to yourself, and put on the character of Christ, so that you can become more like Him. Get involved in a small group that is teaching sound biblical doctrine, and is committed to discipling you and concerned about your needs. Do yourself a favor and be a reciprocal of what you receive from others, so that everybody benefits. Also, be in fellowship regularly with the same local body, that has birthed this small group. If this small group cares about your well-being genuinely, what more will the entire body of Christ care about you.

Lastly, if you’re on the other side of the line, and have separated yourself from God, I want to encourage you that God is a loving God, and He has your best interest in hand. God will meet you where you are, and He will guide you, but in order for this to happen, you have to let down your defenses, and ask Him into your life.

Let’s pray, Father God, I thank you for your everlasting and continuous love. It is your love that cautions us, and draws us closer to you, and it is your love that breaks our shackles, and opens our eyes to the fact that we’ve been free since the cross; all we had to do is walk out of bondage. Help us Lord to recognize our bondage, and strengthen us to seek you more, and want you more than we ever wanted anything in our entire lives. We Love you Lord, and we ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen!

This topic guys, is a topic, that just seems to keep on coming up. To me it seems like it’s a cop out, from actually walking in the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that we as Christians claim to stand for.


To tell you the truth, I dont really know the answer to this question. I know what my answer to this question is, and it’s absolutely not. Not in any way, can God be glorified, if our aim is to please the world, or fit in with the world.

I know you probally ask yourself, what is this thing called “Cultural Relevance”? Well for real, it’s a people, who say that we must do “this, or that”, in order to live in accordance to the times. Was Jesus Culturally Relevant? The answer is no. Yeah, Jesus said, “I didn’t come to do away with the law, but to fullfill the law.” So Jesus did keep the law, because the law given by God, is good, but the laws created by man, to create barriers and boundaries, to force themselves to keep the law is corrupt. So Jesus kept the law, but He didn’t keep the “laws” of man. So to be culturally relevant, I think we really have to flow with the sway of the water. Being a push over in our own heart, rather than being persuaded by the gospel. Remember Brothers and Sisters, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” I’d really like to shed some light on this subject, because Christians and non-christians alike need to be set free, from the bondage of satan. People are enslaved because of thier ignorance. Not calling people ignorant, but people are operating in an ignorance, meaning they’re in a state of the unknown, so we just go with the flow. It’s truely dangerous people.

God is not calling us to be “Culturally Relevant” or “Politically Correct” for the sake of pleasing the masses. God is no respector of persons, He is a just God, and truely, we can become victims of those things that we are an advocate for, all because it’s in total oppostion of the word, and divine nature of a just and mighty God. Our lives are not our own, we were bought with a price, so why should we waste time trying to be man pleasers rather than God pleasers. I want to say to those that are bent on this, to get with the program, and recognize that if we’re being tolerant to the world, by trying to fit in, we are in fact, endorsing the very sin, that we say that we stand against. I must warn you fellow Christians, to examine yourself, to make sure you are of the faith, study to show yourself approved, and to be free in the liberties that Christ has set us free by, and do not be entangled no more in a yoke of bondage.

To try to live a life that is culturally relevant, you are inhibiting the power of the Holy Spirit, to be a constant in your life, and you are weakening yourself, by denying the power of God, by accepting another gospel.

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I will most likely continue this thought, as God continues to work in me, and gives me revelation.

To God Be the Glory…(Pacaso of NBBA)