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Review: Elohin, ‘Broken Narrative’

By King David tha Vessel @Yieldedman | August 8, 2020

I’m a fan of the articulate.

Life, in general, is easier when you can get your point across to your desired audience using your vocabulary, a presently lost art thanks in large part to the rise of social media.

Even our (mankind’s) music has embraced the currently popular talent of being able to say something without saying anything that can be audibly discerned (hey, mumble rap!). So anytime you can come across a conversation that makes sense through sound, if you enjoy knowing what’s being said and allowing it to meet you where you are and invest, it becomes a refreshing departure from what’s supplanted as today’s norm.

Enter Broken Narrative by Elohin.

The Detroit emcee is back with his upcoming 2020 release (August 28, 2020) that speaks eloquently to the times we’re in without being overly aggressive in attempting to make the listener know “…this song was written about this situation…”; you can tell there was a tapping in that had taken place prior to the world’s current state.

Broken Narrative is vulnerable. Elohin speaks openly about himself in a way that connects with the listener by not talking about relative concerns in the second person. Elohin inserts himself and shares (what you can tell without having to try too hard) personal triumphs and failings and the GOD WHO changes and transforms it all.

You can tell Elohin is a veteran. His flow is unapologetic and direct; he says what needs to be said and doesn’t dress up his take, or the Bible’s, on the subject he’s addressing.

Narrative starts with a punch in the face vocal of Coko Buttafli on the welcoming intro track Misconception, where Elohin addresses things that are generalized and usually spoken out of ignorance about GOD, about people, and about him.

Freedom shows Elohin’s ability to switch his delivery and still be just as effective, using a rapid fire flow to get his point across. It’s clear. It’s poignant. He’s been delivered from some things and has no problem letting his listeners, and even his critics, be overtly aware. DYB (Do You Believe), the first single released from this project, showcases some of tougher punchlines Elohin is capable of over the production of Tone Jonez.

Interestingly, Broken Narrative plays like a two-part miniseries: the first five tracks are brash and confident with production that feels like a modern-day Jazzmataz: rugged production with jazz-influenced sax riffs and keys sprinkled here and there. Once we get into I’m Sorry, you can tell the project has shifted and the content becomes a tell-all in hopes that the heart to heart talk will impact you as what’s Elohin’s addressing has impacted him.

One of the more touching records on this project is Words of Wisdom, an open letter to his children in which Elohin drops nuggets of desire from a parent trying to lead his children through a GOD-less society. The back end of is full of records that can easily reach a non-boom bap audience.

None of it is corny or forced, but it shows Elohin’s versatility. The title track of this project seems to tie both feels together.

Broken Narrative has top notch post production; the mixing and mastering on this project is precise and relevant. No unnecessary stunts or tricks. Instrumentation is tight. The project is well-rounded and an easy listen when content matters.

It’s not a perfect project, but it’s flaws are few and it works pretty well on all points. This is a project you will easily want in rotation. Well done, Elohin.

Available 8/28/2020 across all digital platforms.

Check out the single “DYB” below and make sure to pre-save/order ‘Broken Narrative’!

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