3 Projects To Hear @westhetech #YasadOne @JunSix

By Eric N. Boston @EricBoston3 | December 26, 2022

We’ve got 3 Projects To Hear this holiday season.

What better time than the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to catch music that may have flown under the radar?

3 Projects To Hear

K'nek "The Journey"

K’nek | ‘The Journey’ @westhetech

The Journey is an album of testimonies and raw truth. Produced almost entirely by K’nek himself, this project features a beautiful ensemble of talented artists from all walks of life. This project shares the journey that K’nek has been on to reach the peace and prosperity that God has promised him. It also leaves the listener motivated and inspired to go after their dreams.

Purchase* The Journey and support K’nek!



Yasad One 'Azar (Yah's Help)

Yasad One | ‘Azar (Yah’s Help)’

Azar is an audio memoir that looks into the life of Yasad One and His son Azar. Azar is getting victory over Autism. This is living art created to encourage all that are getting victory over Autism. Never give up. You can win with YAH. YAH is the Healer and a lover of HIS set-apart people. Trust in YAH and HIS SON, YAHUSHUA MASHAYAH, and you will be healed. Listen, be encouraged. You are not alone in this victory (battle). Just press play, and relax…Healing is now! In The Name Of YAHUSHUA MASHAYAH.

Purchase* Azar (Yah’s Help) and support Yasad One!


JunSix | ‘Sheepovergoats’ @JunSix

Christian rapper JunSix wants to be the GOAT. JunSix also wants to be a sheep. That is the problem found in his latest, most introspective effort, Sheepovergoats. On this brief but impactful 44-minute album, JunSix effortlessly sings and rhymes about the daily internal struggle of the Christian.

Purchase* Sheepovergoats and support JunSix!




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What is your top pick of our 3 Projects To Hear? Let us know in the comments below!

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